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Awaken the Warrior Within: Build A Powerful Immune System

My new ebook is PACKED with valuable content to help you reboot your immunity. I believe that the tips I offer will help you transform your physical and mental health, one simple step at a time. Why do I believe this? Because every tip I’m sharing is something I personally use to create a strong

Michael Johnson

A Registered Nurse, a techie-to-the-rescue, a humorist, an experimental biohacker, and a closet cuddle bear (description inserted by his wife). Michael understands the painful limitations and problems when people rely on modern medicine and pharmaceuticals to treat problems that could have easily been prevented. He believes that prevention is the secret to being healthy, wealthy

Pancha Kosha Meditation

Unmanaged stress is bad for your weight loss, bad for your brain, and it puts you in the market for botox before you know it. Feeling stressed about it? Well, there is good news. It nourishes your parasympathetic nervous system (the rest & digest nervous system), which gives our stress-responding sympathetic nervous system a *much

Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis with Primal Nutrition

  The Pacific Northwest, where I live, has a higher prevalence of MS than almost any other place in the world. One of my friends, Laurie Erdman, is managing her MS with nutrition and lifestyle design. When I hear about MS, my ears perk up because I want to help the people around me.

Keep the Cold and Flu Away Transcript

Namaste everybody! Welcome to today’s show from Namaste Nutritionist, where we explore designing a fulfilling life, with nutrition, food, spirituality, fitness, stressing less, and a lot more. For those wondering who I am, I am your host, Francis. I am a registered dietician and a long time yoga instructor. You can find me at

Food Sensitivities Transcript

Hey Everybody! This is Frances Arnold from, and thank you so much for joining me today! This is my first ever interview and I’m so pleased because the topic is super-relevant, super-exciting, and I think you’re really going to dig it. We’re talking today about food sensitivities, and I did bring an expert, she’s

How Food Affects Your Mood transcript

Namaste, everybody! It’s Frances here with you, the creator of Namaste Nutritionist, registered dietitian, and yoga instructor. I’m delighted that you’re joining me today at Namaste Nutritionist, where we drop love nuggets and wisdom bombs. The health wizards that I interview help crack open the insider’s secrets for creating a strong and lean body, a

How Food Politics Affect Your Health, Part I (Transcript)

Corporate interests and food politics shape nutrition recommendations. Is this good for you? Here's what you need to know. (Full podcast, resource links, and Andy's guest blog post are here.) If you like this, be sure to sign up for the newsletter so that you never miss out on the best nutrition and wellness tips.

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