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#5: Five Tips to Boost Your Energy

Wondering if feeling tired is something you’ll struggle with forever? Boosting your energy is easier than you think.

Burnout is all around us.

We are always pushing ourselves (or being pushed by others) to work harder, do more, have more, be more. This pursuit can leave us exhausted. Just ask your adrenal glands.

There are three ways we get more energy and overcome burnout.

We must fuel our body, mind and purpose with better stuff. But what does that mean on a day-to-day basis?

There are many keys to beating burnout and getting your mojo back, but here are some of my favorites:

1. Radical Self-care.

This is the concept that we put ourselves first and tend to what we need physically, emotionally and spiritually. Radical self-care includes everything from eating right to yoga to meditation. If radical self-care sounds like another to do item on your list than step back. Remember, by caring for yourself first, you create more energy and focus which makes you feel better and allows you to get more done.

2. Shake Your Sugar Habit.

Sugar is the #1 legally addictive substance we consume. It contributes to numerous (over 140) illnesses and leaves us fatigued. Busting your sugar habit will result in more energy and more mental clarity.

3. Ditch the Exercise, Move More.

If exercise conjures images of stinky gyms, muscle men and embarrassingly tight clothes, then reframe your idea of exercise. Try ballroom dancing, jumping rope, walking the dog, or playing a game of tag with your kids.

4. Reduce Inflammation.

Inflammation is the root of all illness and weight gain. By addressing your inflammation, your physical health begins to fall into place. There are two key ways to reduce inflammation. First is by starting with your diet. Eating more alkaline, nutrient dense whole foods is a great place to start. Focus on more green vegetables is never a bad idea. Second, you want to reduce your stress through meditation, breathing exercises and other methods.

5. Handle Your Stress

Stress comes from engaging in the “attitude of magnitude.” And no time does that play itself out more than at the holidays. We tend to boost up how stressful these times are by trying to see everyone, buy presents for everyone and make it to every party. We make things bigger and more stressful than they have to be. Take a step back and delete some items from your to do list. No matter the time of year, this is a great way to sail through the holidays with good cheer.

If you need to recharge your batteries and can’t wait for a vacation, try these tips. Remember, feeling better, more energized and more yourself takes time. They have yet to develop a pill, so for now you’ll have to do the work. Just remember to take it one day at a time. Make one thing a habit and then move onto the next. Getting healthy should not create more stress.

Written By Laurie Erdman

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Laurie Erdman, Health Coach

Who is Laurie Erdman?

Laurie Erdman, speaker, writer, coach and founder of Chronic Wellness Coaching  has the singular mission of rescuing working women from burnout and fatigue. She is a recovering lawyer and corporate vice president who left her successful career to pursue her passion – training super heroes – those gals who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  As a certified holistic health coach, raw food chef and life long personal growth junkie, she plays at the intersection of nutritional counseling and life coaching to transform fatigue into fabulous. You can learn more about the range of programs Laurie offers — self-study programs to private coaching — designed to help you get more energy at

Laurie’s Links:
Laurie’s free e-book: 5 Insider Tips to Eliminating Fatigue
Laurie’s epic talk: Harnessing the Energy of Your Wake Up Call

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Read the full transcript here.

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